One thought on “Love

  1. It’s easy to love the beautiful people, the ones that are doing stuff for us all the time, helping us with out problems, and so on. But what about that annoying bum on the corner, That girl behind you texting while she drives with her kid in the back seat, that person you work with that is always talking about other people and never has anything good to say. Ever wonder why? It’s easy to point a finger at what it is, but until you have been in their shoes and incorporated the lifetime of events that had lead up to where they are at now, you’d be wrong to do so. Suppose that they where nurtured with love, If everyone started saying “I love that person”, instead of “They are so annoying” what would happen? I know that if you have a dog and don’t take care of it what it will likely turn out like, I have also seen LOVE added to the equation after its been missing for a while and the drastic change that happens as a result. So next time remember it’s a choice, it’s free, it’s simple (not always easy at first), and if you where in “that persons” shoes couldn’t you benefit from a strangers love? Try it!

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