Doctor of Cause

When the blueprint of life animates the egg, it doubles, then increases in Fibonacci order, leading to sacred geometry, which leads to each and every beautiful shape of every living thing expressing physical shape of its unique vibration of the culmination of all it’s patterns in reality experienced up until the present moment.   When these patterns get intertwined due to stress in our lives. Things can start happening in a order that is out of sequence.  Your DNA may be perfect but due to interference at this level the new genes that are being expressed may not be up to your god given potential.  The result is dis-ease and dis-harmony and if left to entropy, may result in disease.   What happens on a micro scale inside our body then happens on a macro scale in our physical body and effects our life style outside our body.   These undesirable changes can be treated in many different ways.   Most of which all involve intervention from the outside environment ( drug’s, surgery, therapy, ect. )  but if you recall the effect on the outside only occurred after it happened on the inside.   So does it make sense to start treating the effect?  treating what is happening on the outside when the problem occurred on the inside?

For me the D.C. after my name may as well stand for  Doctor of Cause.  Because that is what I have trained to find.   I am not crossing your path to treat your symptoms, you can get that anywhere.  And while you may find some relief to your current problem surely another will surface.  I am concerned with what is going on with you at the core of your being.  Finding the disconnection between your body and your life force ( Subluxation) and making sure that channel is open and freely communicating.   And doing so in a way that is as honoring and non-invasive to your body as possible.



Do you think the intelligence that created and built your body cell by cell left you when you where borne? Maybe you have just lost touch with it. Now if I offered an opportunity to be reconnected with that intelligence, would that be something of value to everyone you know? Come see for yourself, it’s worth a try, you can’t fully Live without it.